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The heart of the City. The place to do business.

With a design, views and a location like no other, the offices at St. Michael's offer an unrivalled working experience and represent the birth of a new centre for business in the City. Integrated into the St. Michael's development, the offices benefit from all that St. Michael's has to offer. Work and host business meetings in the most amazing office spaces or step out into St.Michael's for a totally unique experience for you, your staff, your clients. Work at St. Michael's, work the way you want to.

Be ambitious, be extraordinary,
Be whoever you want to be,
Live the way you want to live,
Work in a way that sets you free.

Free from tradition, free from the past,
Free from all that's gone before,
This is the only place to be,
For people who want more.

St. Michael's represents tomorrow,
Represents something new,
St. Michael's is the place to grow,
The place to become you.