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Work. Laugh. Eat. Drink. Dance. Dream. At St. Michaels, you can do it all.

Walk from the vibrant, colourful, festival feel of the Square, and weave up through the independent stalls on Manchester’s 'Spanish Steps' to reach the unrivalled dining experiences within The Garden. St. Michael’s is a place where you can be and do anything; a place to relax and read a book, host a business lunch, enjoy a romantic dinner, have a night out with friends and everything in between. It’s a place you will not want to leave.

From its restaurants, to its coffee bars,
From its workspace to waterfalls,
St. Michael’s has something for everyone,
A place to create, to enjoy, to pause.

Built on the foundations,
Of all that made this city famous,
A first of its kind, a pioneer,
Bold, brave, courageous.

St. Michael’s... Be what you want to be.